Rental Guide

Step 1. Start planning your trip

■Consider a camper van to enjoy freedom in traveling around Hokkaido

A trip across Hokkaido is longer than the trip between Tokyo and Osaka. The land is so vast that you might even need to drive 200 km in a day. A camper van is an ideal mode of transportation because it allows you to stay anywhere and change your travel plans based on that day’s weather, your family’s energy levels, or other factors.

Our Camper Vans

You may have set your dates already but haven’t decided where to go yet. Or you are concerned about your ability to drive a camper van. Feel free to ask us your questions. We can recommend a seasonal trip that fits your schedule and can tell you all about our vans.

When you have decided on your destination or resolved your concerns, please go on to the next step.

Step 2. Check availability/Reserve a van

■Check the availability of our camper vans and reserve one here
As a rule, we do not provide van pickups or accept drop-offs on weekdays. However, depending on the rental period or flight times, we may be able to provide a pickup on a weekday. Please ask about this when making a reservation or inquiring about the rental period.

■Enter the information required on the form on the Check availability/Reserve a van page and submit your reservation.You will receive an automated reply by email that confirms your reservation details.

Step 3. Tentative reservation confirmation email and reservation deposit

■You will receive an email to confirm your reservation details (separate from the automated reply).

  • We will let you know if the reservation was successful and give you an estimate of the total cost, etc. (At this point it is a tentative reservation).
  • If there are no problems with the reservation details, please pay a deposit of 10,000 yen by credit card to hold the reservation.
  • We will send you information via email on how to pay by credit card.

Note: Please pay within 7 days of receiving the credit card payment details email.

Note: We use a major credit card system for reasons of security and reliability.

■Finalizing the reservation

  • When the deposit is paid, your reservation becomes finalized.
  • There is no charge to make changes to the rental period after the reservation has been finalized. (Though changes may not be possible due to other guests’ reservations.) The 10,000-yen deposit is applied to (used as part of) your rental fee.
  • When the starting date for your rental approaches, we will send a final reservation confirmation with additional information and a request for payment of the remainder of the fee.

Note: Please pay the remainder by credit card no later than 8 days prior to the starting date of the van rental.

Any additional costs for extending the rental period or purchasing options, or cancellation fees, will be charged to the guest’s credit card, so there is no need to individually add expenses or do anything more. This allows you to go cashless through to the end of your rental.

Step 4. Your arrival and starting the rental

■Come to our office to start the rental.

  • It is also possible to arrange to pick up the camper van at an airport or other designated location, depending on the rental period or your flight time, so feel free to inquire.
  • We will show you the camper van inside and out, with all of its equipment, and explain how everything works.
  • After confirming the insurance details and contract, a rental vehicle certificate will be issued.
  • The driver’s licenses of all who will be drivers must be shown for the contract.
  • It’s finally time to start your trip by camper van!

Feel free to contact us at any time during your trip if you don’t know how something works in the van.

Note: We will give you an emergency contact number as your rental date approaches.

Step 5. Returning the van

■Please return the van with a full tank of fuel.

If you wish to extend the rental period, please contact us. If there are days open in the rental schedule, this may be possible. If you find any dirt or scratches on the body or things missing or damaged in the interior or with the rental equipment, please let us know in advance. We will perform an interior/exterior check.

Note: We would greatly appreciate your cleaning the interior before returning the van in consideration of the next guest.

■Late return fee, tank filling fee, and other additional charges

The amount charged to your credit card upon making the reservation will be adjusted and charged as a new figure.

Note: Until the van rental is over, there will be NO cash payment required for anything.

Thank you for being our customer! Please use us again.

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