We offer a number of services to make your camper van trip even better, from items you can rent to suggestions on where to go, as well as an introduction to places you can stay at only through Vantrip.

Pickup at Obihiro Airport and airports around Hokkaido

Van pickups are available at Tokachi–Obihiro Airport and Obihiro Station on the eastern side of Hokkaido. The vast agricultural land of the Tokachi area was the setting for the popular 2019 Japanese television drama Natsuzora. Tokachi is the area that people now envision as embodying the nature of Hokkaido with its delicious vegetables. Many guests travel to Kushiro or up to Shiretoko from here.

【Pickup fee】 (Prices do not include tax.)

Obhihiro :Pickup Fee
Kushiro Airport: 17,000 yen
New Chitose Airport: 19,000 yen
Memanbetsu Airport: 24,000 yen
 Asahikawa Airport: 24,000 yen
 Wakkanai Airport 38,000 yen
 Hakodate Airport: 38,000 yen
 *The price do not include tax

Rental equipment

We offer additional items to make your camper van trip even better. These include sleeping bags and cooking utensils included in the price, and a BBQ set or telescope set for a fee.

BBQ set 5,000円

Telescope set 5,000円



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